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Our Corporate Compliance

For us, corporate compliance is the basis of our actions as a company. Our shareholders, customers and business partners, public authorities and the general public expect us to act lawfully, competently and responsibly at all times. Each and every one of our employees therefore has a duty to comply with company-specific and legal rules as well as ethical principles in their professional activities.

Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct, which covers all essential topics and basic principles, serves as a binding guideline for lawful and compliant behaviour. Only in line with this can we live up to our corporate responsibility and build long-term business relationships based on trust. If you would like to find out more, you can download the SARIA Code of Conduct here.

Our Business Principles

The basic prerequisite for achieving these goals is our commitment to certain rules of conduct, the core of which we have summarized in our "Business Principles". Within the entire group these serve as business principles for our work and in turn create more transparency and orientation for our daily activities. However, the principles are also a promise to you and create expectations that we want to live up to. We will actively meet this challenge in the coming years. You can download our Business Principles here.

Our SARIA framework as our anchor and our aim

We have set out our ambitions and values in the SARIA Framework, which serves as an anchor and point of reference for our day-to-day activities. At the same time, it is a promise to you as our business partners to work together in a spirit of trust and to successfully shape the future together.