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Meat in all its many forms.

There is strong demand for abattoir by-products in the international market. EUROmeat buys over 100 products from its suppliers, ranging from pork ribs to beef paddywack. These are then sorted at the Marl, Würzburg and Appenweier locations according to market requirements, enabling the company to supply standardised end products in commercially attractive quantities.

The aim is to align supply and demand and address existing market opportunities with a broad range of high quality products. The key account managers actively search for attractive sales opportunities for all items in order to allow suppliers to extract maximum value from their food products.

Processing of meat and by-products fit for human consumption.

Abattoirs and meat-packing plants generate high quality pork and beef by-products under stringent hygiene regulations. Eating habits in Germany and the rest of Europe have changed, however, and consumers increasingly favour processed meat products, such as boneless fillets. More traditional products, such as hearts or pork trotters, are now difficult to market at their true value.

EUROmeat ensures the best possible marketing of by-products fit for human consumption on behalf of its suppliers, with maximum added value – which is also reflected in producers’ operating results. By-products thus achieve the potential inherent in their quality.


Nebenprodukte vom Schwein

EUROmeat eröffnet Absatzmöglichkeiten für die gesamte Bandbreite der genusstauglichen Nebenprodukte vom Schwein. Im EUROmeat-Produktkatalog sind alle Artikel übersichtlich auf einen Blick zusammengefasst. Kunden finden den Produktkatalog hier zum Download als PDF-Dokument.


By-products for the manufacture of gelatine.

Gelatine is a raw material with a wide variety of possible uses. It is used in the food industry, for example, the photographic industry, the pharmaceutical industry and in cosmetics. EUROmeat locations meet all the relevant EC directives. We are thus able to collect and process all pork rind and bones suitable for human consumption for the manufacture of gelatine.

The quality of the products is highly dependent on the condition of the raw material. EUROmeat guarantees input quality by means of a seamless cool chain and professional checking of all raw material.